Tuesday, December 7, 2010

O Christmas Tree

How lovely are thy branches...this is my 1st Christmas Tree as a homeowner (and my 1st pre-lit tree, even though I did add some more lights). I might add that this color theme is quite out of the norm for me...I've never had blue ornaments on my tree before...but...I have to admit...I like it...a lot. It's very "clean" looking (my sons words). I must be growing up finally.

Random FO's

Hi All! I'm back...finally. Just to prove that I have not been totally unproductive during my hiatus here are a few finished objects...
This is Daria. A very quick knit. Makes a nice gift...gave it to my Aunt last Christmas. Must make more...

This is my Effortless Cardigan. While it wan't quite "Effortless" is was fairly easy. I used almost 6 skeins of Madelinetosh DK in the Alabaster colorway. I love this sweater...it's like wearing a blanket.

Here's is my Wicked (that's the name of the pattern) sweater. I used just under four skeins of Dream In Color Classy in the Lipstick Lava colorway. Wicked had to take a long bath...she turned my fingers and bamboo needles red. All is well though and I'm wearing her today.

These are my 198 Yards of Heaven scarves. The red one took one skein of Araucania Aysen and the tan one took one skein of Malabrigo Worsted...Applewood colorway. These scarves are good for using just one skein and they make nice gifts...which is what these two will be.

And last, but not least...meet Sigmund the Sea Monster...I mean, Christmas Tree. He is just too cool. I made him last Christmas using a strand of Lionbrand Homespun and FunFir held together. Might I add it was hell on the hands. I gave him to my friend Jackie, who loves all things Christmas. I know he will be well loved.
I have a few more FO's to post...just need to gather them for a photo session. Christmas Cookie production will commence soon...stay tuned for updates.