Monday, December 31, 2007

Almost time for socks!

It's almost time to start the sock knitting again. Here's the yarn for my January socks. Lorna's Laces in the Jeans colorway. I only have one skein so they will be footies. I picked this for January because the colors remind me of the winter sky. I'll start these tomorrow. These will be for the SAM5 kal.
I went through my sock yarn stash this morning. I have enough stash to make 30 pairs of socks. I ramdomly assigned each skein (or pair of skeins) a number. I put the numbers in a bag and will ask someone to pull a number out. This will be the yarn that I use for the Socks from Stash kal. I'll keep going until I use up all the yarn. This is the plan. Now for the fine print. Subject to change without notification. And anything else I want to throw in.
I wish everyone a Happy New Year. I will most likely sleep the New Year in, unless I stay up and knit. That seems like a wonderful way to start the New Year. At least to me!
Sh*tty Kitty says "I was just waiting for the paper to be thrown all over the floor, the heck with the presents!"

Sunday, December 30, 2007

Round n' round

Here's my progress on the Pinwheel. It's finally off the needles. I picked up the stitches for one of the sleeves. I'm hoping they go fast. I'm not planning on going anywhere for New Years so I should be able to get this close to finished. I'll be starting my January socks and my Socks from Stash club socks after that. I have to start my SITM Twice pals socks too. I'll post a pic of my January sock yarn tomorrow and another progress shot of Pinwheel.

Monday, December 24, 2007

Christmas Eve Knews

Hi All! Here is a pic of Sh*tty Kitty's Christmas present. It has a ball that spins around the circle and some catnip in the center. I think this is the most exercise she's had in a while.
As promised, here are some progress pic's of the Pinwheel...
I must say that I had some trouble understanding the sleeve instructions. Thank goodness for Google. Apparently others have had the same issue. I found an easier way to do the armhole on 'knittingnoob's blog. Thank you knittingnoob!!!!! I was about ready to have a meltdown. Below is a pic of the "afterthought heel" type of armhole. You use waste yarn, knit the proper # of stitches, in this case 30, and the yo, then turn and knit back. Then you just start knitting again with your working yarn. Ingenious! When you're ready to do the sleeves you just pick up the stitches on each side with a dpn and pull the waster yarn out. I haven't gotten that far yet, but I doesn't sound to earth shattering. I'll post more pics as I go along. The light pink yarn is the waste yarn.

Anyway, on to other is a pic of the stocking I cross stitched for my son, many years ago. He's going to be 20 in 2 makes me really sad. I cry a lot. At very inappropriate times. Anything can set me off...the radio, the tv etc. Every little blond hair boy I see. I'm not sad that he has grown into a decent, respectable young man, but I miss my little boy. Who wanted to be with me. Now I'm lucky if I see him once a week. Used to be that when people said that time goes by fast I didn't get it. don't blink (as Kenny Chesney so appropriately sings). Sorry...didn't mean to go down that road. to the Booga Bag is 5 of the 6 that I made for Christmas gifts. I still have to make one for myself. I have the yarn, just have to do it.
I will try to post another progress pic of the Pinwheel later today or tomorrow. I'll be up late tonight for Midnight Mass, so hopefully I will get a lot of knitting done. Merry Christmas to All! Stay safe!

Saturday, December 22, 2007

Xmas Swap Package & other Knews

Look what I received from my Xmas Around the World Swap Pal! I love everything, especially the scarf! The colors are perfect!
I must say the Linda did a beautiful job on this Chevron. Thanks Linda!

My BFF Knitting Pal Anna made this for me for Xmas...she did a most excellent job. I made her Booga Bag. I'll post some pic's later.

Here's my progress on the Pinwheel jacket from I'll post more pic's as the colors are added. I haven't gotten to the part where you split for the sleeves yet. I'm a little nervous. We'll see how that goes.
My baking is done and candy is made and packaged. Most of the presents are wrapped, just a few odds and ends left. I still have to do the grommets on the 5 remaining Booga Bags. I'll post a completed picture later. Merry Christmas to All!

Friday, December 14, 2007

Charlotte's Web Shawl

Ta-da!!! Charlotte is done! I must say that this took not just a vigorous blocking, but a strenuous one. I may make another one in the future, using darker colors. Too many other projects rolling around in my head right now, though. I'm trying to figure out a good way to use up my small mountain of sock yarn leftovers. I think I may make a scarf with mitered squares. That way I could just add on more squares as I use up my stash. Maybe. I'm working on the Somona Shawl now. I'll post a progress pic later today or tomorrow. Got some baking to do tomorrow as well.
Happy Knitting!

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Last pair for the year

Here is my last pair of socks for 2007. Another pair of footies using one skein of Lorna's Laces Envy. That brings my total since May to 13. I have a couple of things I want to work on, the Cropped Raglan Sweater from Lionbrand and the Sonoma Shawl from Oat Couture. Plus I have numerous other projects in mind...just not enough time to do them all. I will resume sock knitting in January with my Sock of the Month socks (see earlier posts) and the Knit Socks from your Stash knit along that I joined. This should knock the mountain down a bit. I have also joined the Sock It To Me Twice Swap, so I'll be knitting for that too. I'll be posting pic's of my progress on the sweater and shawl, and whatever else I start.
Happy Knitting to All!

Monday, December 10, 2007

December Footies

Here is my latest pair of socks: Footies in a pattern that I made from a couple of different patterns in Lorna's Laces Tickled Pink.

Knitting Knews & a Surreal Experience

Hi All!!! How's it going? I've been busy this Holiday a lot accomplished so far.

Here is my sock yarn for my "A Year In Socks" thing. Starting at the bottom right we have:
Jan. Lorna's Laces Shep Sock in Jeans; Feb. red Koigu (don't know the #); Mar. Stonebarn Fibers in Wintermint; Apr. Claudia's HP in Jill's Pink; May is Great Adirondacks Soxie in Seamist; June is Trekking XXL #126; Jul is Fortissima Colori #1776; Aug is Tofutsies #728; Sep is Knitpicks Sock Garden in Pansy; Oct is Sock Pixie's Halloween Night; Nov is Araucania Ranco Multy #306 and last but not least for Dec is Socks That Rock Lghtwght in Jingle Bell Rock. I will explain during each month why I picked each yarn...some are self explanatory, others are not. However, in my twisted mind it makes perfect sense. There is a method to my maddness...most of the time.

Here is a picture of the Leaf Lace shawl that I made for my Grandmother. I'll be shipping it off along with Pap's socks (see earlier post) sometime this week.

Here is a pic of Surreal, only the best band around. Saw them Sat night and as always they put on a hell of a show. And they're nice guys too!

Saturday, December 1, 2007

Pap's Socks & other Knews

Here are the socks for my Grandpa. I call him Pap. I wasn't trying to make the stipes match but somehow they This is the Men's sock pattern from Lionbrand. I used Moda Dea Sassy Stripe yarn. I blocked the shawl I made for my Grandma today. I'll post a pic tomorrow. I still have to block Charlotte. She's for my Mom. I started on my December socks. And put some decorations outside, haven't powered them up yet. Got the tree out of the attic and will put it up tomorrow. I'm tired now. Think I'll got work on my socks.
Stayed tuned.......