Wednesday, May 2, 2007

"Mini" Lady Eleanor

Here's some pictures of my "Mini" Lady Eleanor Stole from Scarf Style. I don't have enough of this yarn (Patons SWS) in my stash to make the full size I'm making it scarf size. It's good practice since I do want to make the full size stole with Noro Silk to save up some $$$ first.


Margie said...

How many skeins are you planning to use of the SWS? I have some of that as well. I love the Lady Eleanor, especially since my daughter's name is Elanor. I just learned to do entrelac in January so I could make this. Yours looks great so far.

another Margie

magnifiknitz said...

Hi Margie!

I have about 7 skeins of this yarn (it was on sale). I think I will end up using about 5. I did not make mine as wide as the wrap in the book, but I like long and thin scarves. I haven't worked on this too much lately...I've been on a sock kick. Take care!