Sunday, September 2, 2007

Christmas Around the Word Knitter's Swap Questions

Here is my questionarre for the Christmas Around the World Swap...I can't wait to get my partner!
1. Are you religious? Yes, I'm Catholic
2. How long have you been knitting? Would you consider yourself a Beginner, Intermediate or Advanced? I've been knitting for around 10 years. I would consider myself Intermediate
3. Do you have any other hobbies besides knitting? I like to cross stitch and read
4. Favorite color(s)? pinks, purples, blues & greens
5. Do you collect anything? I collect Cherished Teddies and magnets
6. Are you allergic to any fibers or animals? Nope
7. Do you have any pets? I have one cat, or should I say she has me?
8. Coffee, Tea, or Hot Chocolate? Tea 1st, then Hot Chocolate
9. Cookies or Sweets? Like them both
10. Do you knit socks? Yes, all the time
11. If not socks then what? (tell us about your favorite knits) If I'm not working on a sock, it would be a scarf
12. Do you put up a Christmas tree? If not then what do you do? Yes. I put up a little (4 ft) tree. 13.Favorite holiday treats? Homemade Spice cookies
14.Favorite holiday smells? I like the Christmas tree smell
15. Do you celebrate Christmas in a traditional or unconventional way? Please elaborate. I guess it would be traditional. Go to Midnight mass, get up in the morning & open gifts, ham & turkey for dinner, go visit family and friends
16. What are your favorite holiday traditions? Putting up the Christmas tree, baking cookies
17. Finish the sentence: “For me Christmas is all about....” Family and friends
18. If you were a Christmas ornament you would be…….? a Teddy Bear or a snowflake
19. What was your favorite gift you've ever received? Or given? My favorite gifts that I have received are anything that has to do with knitting, since I do this all the time. And I guess my favorite things to give are the gifts that I've made
20. When do you start your Christmas? I decorate the 1st weekend in December
21. Do you send Christmas cards? Do you make them or buy them? Yes, I send cards. I wish I had time to make them, but I buy them
22. What is your favorite Christmas dish? Corn pudding & my Mom's mashed potatoes
23. Carolers are at your door. What do you do? Give them some cookies that I made
24. When do you open presents? Christmas eve or Christmas morning? Christmas day 25. Do you celebrate with family or friends or both? Both


Dorothy said...

I'm Protestant, but I've always loved the idea of being in church at Midnight, with candles, singing "Joy to the World!" What a beautiful way to celebrate Christ's birth!

Knittymuggins said...

Thanks so much for sharing Margie! Your Christmas traditions sound really lovely! My favorite gifts received are always knitting related too :) Hope you're enjoying the swap so far and thanks for filling out your questionnaire!