Monday, December 24, 2007

Christmas Eve Knews

Hi All! Here is a pic of Sh*tty Kitty's Christmas present. It has a ball that spins around the circle and some catnip in the center. I think this is the most exercise she's had in a while.
As promised, here are some progress pic's of the Pinwheel...
I must say that I had some trouble understanding the sleeve instructions. Thank goodness for Google. Apparently others have had the same issue. I found an easier way to do the armhole on 'knittingnoob's blog. Thank you knittingnoob!!!!! I was about ready to have a meltdown. Below is a pic of the "afterthought heel" type of armhole. You use waste yarn, knit the proper # of stitches, in this case 30, and the yo, then turn and knit back. Then you just start knitting again with your working yarn. Ingenious! When you're ready to do the sleeves you just pick up the stitches on each side with a dpn and pull the waster yarn out. I haven't gotten that far yet, but I doesn't sound to earth shattering. I'll post more pics as I go along. The light pink yarn is the waste yarn.

Anyway, on to other is a pic of the stocking I cross stitched for my son, many years ago. He's going to be 20 in 2 makes me really sad. I cry a lot. At very inappropriate times. Anything can set me off...the radio, the tv etc. Every little blond hair boy I see. I'm not sad that he has grown into a decent, respectable young man, but I miss my little boy. Who wanted to be with me. Now I'm lucky if I see him once a week. Used to be that when people said that time goes by fast I didn't get it. don't blink (as Kenny Chesney so appropriately sings). Sorry...didn't mean to go down that road. to the Booga Bag is 5 of the 6 that I made for Christmas gifts. I still have to make one for myself. I have the yarn, just have to do it.
I will try to post another progress pic of the Pinwheel later today or tomorrow. I'll be up late tonight for Midnight Mass, so hopefully I will get a lot of knitting done. Merry Christmas to All! Stay safe!


CynicalGal said...

So nice!!! Merry and Happy to you and yours.

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